Why is it so hard to pick out a jogger?

I never dreamed picking out a jogger stroller could be so time consuming and frustrating!

I really love the stroller/car seat I have been using for our everyday use but it just won't cut it for working out or really long walks.

I am dying to start running again. I dream of running in my sleep which is hilarious because I really hate running. It's my body that likes it. It is the only thing that really helps me lose weight. Don't get me wrong though, I am not fast. I am kind of like Fred Flinstone when I run. I put in all this effort but really don't get anywhere.

I spent the last few years before I had Mackenzie working on that exact problem. I finally realized my speed was not going to get better but I could improve my distance. I eventually got to a point that I could easily run for an hour and not die or need to stop. Quite a feat for my body type and big mommajungas if you ask me...haha.

I now have to start from scratch (or at least pray my body has retained some memory of it) and train to that point again. In order to do that I need a jogging stroller.

After 3 months of researching now I think I may have found the one I want. It's made by a company called BOB. It has all the features I am looking for www.bobtrailers.com I am torn between the BOB Sport Utility Strollers and the BOB Revolution. I like the idea of the SUS as it can travel over all terrain and has the hand brake and wrist strap I want. Only downside is that the front wheel is fixed. (No swivel - makes it tricky to turn with) The Revolution has a front swivel wheel that you can also alter to a fixed but has no hand brake. It also is only designed for jogging and more city usage. I think I am leaning towards the SUS for the wheel type (I want to be able to use it on all terrain) and for the hand brake and wrist strap. The hand brake is a necessity when running down hills. This line of joggers get's the best reviews I read and also has a unique easy fold up mechanism that is a plus. No removal of the wheels needed. It has all the bells and whistles and the price is not as bad as some of the other brands.

To me it's worth the money for the amount of miles I am going to get out of it and the change it will have on my body! Yee haw, belly fat say goodbye!