Vacations never last long enough.

We are back from holidays and had a great time! It was alot of fun and we enjoyed all of it. We wish it was longer. We are already dying to go back to the Oregon Coast and hope to get there next year for a longer amount of time. Maybe a wedding perhaps???? :)I don't think I will post holiday pics on here as there are way too many and they are already on the baby site and facebook.

We have been busy with unpacking and getting settled back into our daily routines. Jeremy had an extra few days off after we arrived home and we spent it resting and napping from all of our early mornings on vacation.
We managed to find the jogger we wanted, but back here in Vancouver. They were sold out all over the states when we looked. Mackenzie is sure enjoying it and so are Jeremy and I. We could have used it when walking on the beach on our vacation.

We had a nice lunch on Monday with Aunt Terry and Uncle Roger and also Nanci (Grandma) and her friend Perry came to visit us!!! So we were a full little apartment but it went great. Mackenzie loved the attention and we had a great night with Nanci. She loves her new toy from Grandma and hasn't stopped playing with it - thanks again.

This stupid city is still on strike, so no recreation and library yet. I am starting to really get worried about what this means for Mackenzie and all the activities I was planning on signing her up for such as swimming lessons in the winter.

We are looking forward to the long weekend and some relaxing! Hopefully some tennis as we are watching alot of the US Open right now and I feel the need to go out and try to whoop Jeremy's butt...hahahha!