got giftwrap?

mack hardly eats out of baby food jars anymore, but we have a few kicking around waiting for me to find them a purpose.

after her big bday celebration on the weekend, i had all this left over funky tissue paper and gift bags that i was in love with. while cleaning up after the bash i had a brainstorm. i found the answer to my baby food jar problem, used up a yogurt container and cleaned up my leftover gift bags. see if you can spot yours below.

mack is a lucky girl with lots of hair accessories but we have nowhere to put them all. here is what i did with the jars:

funky new home for all of her barrettes.

and here is the old yogurt container:

now a new home for her headbands and elastics.

after finishing these projects i realized there was a theme. dots. i love dots. mack's bedding is all dots. the colors i want her room to be when we move match the tissue paper on the baby food jars. so i decided to move the theme onto the walls.

the top and bottom one were gift bags and the center is tissue paper!

what a great way to reuse some stuff i have nowhere to store. we had fun, we made good friend with our glue gun and mackie loves them!