how green are you?

we recently moved from vancouver to victoria and during the cleaning processes i had a bad reaction to the cleaning supplies we were using. my lips swelled, cracked and dried up just about as big as Angelina Jolie's, and no, not in a sexy way. it was horrible.

since then i have gotten rid of all my cleaning supplies and now proudly clean my home with all natural products and homemade cleaning products. i love it. i feel like i am taking better care of my family and have a bit more control over what we are exposing ourselves to on a daily basis.

ask yourself:
- do you really need to use windex when a combo of vinegar/water work just as good? i recylce old paper products to clean the windows/mirrors with and believe me, it is streak free!!!

- have you ever tried to clean the bathtub with baking soda instead of bleach? it kicks ass!!!!

- i use reusable cleaning cloths from for everything from all purpose cleaning to dusting and they work unbelievably! (thanks Nanci!) check out their site, they have something for everyone.

- flick it! turn it off if you aren't using it. turn off the light. turn off the tv. turn off the computer. unplug your cell charger.

- turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth.

- don't use plastic bottled water but if you do, recycle.

- change your laundry detergent to the 2x concentrate. it is the same price, and you get double the amount of loads in your laundry and it is a hellavu lot better for the environment. i like seventh generations lavender and blue eucalyptus their products can be bought anywhere from drugstores to grocery stores.

- change your dish soap! get those chemicals away from your dishes and your hands. lots of brands are now making all natural dish soap and hand soap. i use lemongrass & clementine zest from seventh generation and it cleans great & smells delicious. best thing is it doesn't leave my hands feeling gross and dry when i am done.

- take a good look at your makeup, deodorant, body lotion, cream, shampoos and see if you recognize the ingredients? does it look like a bunch of scary chemicals that you don't know what they are? that's because it is all chemicals. everything you put on your skin goes into your body. remember that. our horomones are being affected by the makeup we use, the creams we slather on everyday etc, etc. it's scary. my naturopath has been telling me for years to change all my products over to all natural, organic or vegetable based products and i kept putting it off. yeah, yeah, i thought. then i started to look into it. it scared the sheat out of me! i have endometriosis and i am making myself sick/contributing to my illness by exposing myself and my daughter to all of these chemicals. you may think they aren't doing anything to you, but they are. the pic on the right is a few of the products i recently started using.

do some research. start small. change one thing at a time. it's not that hard and it's worth it. you only get one body, one life and we only have one planet.