ironing is fun again....wait...ironing is fun?? i need to get out more.

ohhweeee! i finally got to the mall the other day to pick up some "linen water".

yep, linen water. that's right. water. but not just plain, everyday water. nope, this is linen water. it's like perfume for your clothes. it's a woman who has to iron alot's dream.

i had never heard about this little indulgence until about a month or so ago when i was perusing another knitter's blog. she used it on her clothes, sheets, etc. i got so excited and then realized how sad it was that i was excited over something as simple as scented water. but it just sounded so great! you can even make your own. check out this link:

all you need is some WATER (you guessed it!), some Vodka (drink some as mixing) and an essential oil (you pick the scent).

now in case you are wondering what you use this linen water for, it's for your ironing. i do alot of ironing. jeremy wears a dress shirt to work everyday. i don't mind ironing, but i have a bad habit of putting it off until i have to iron 10 shirts. my iron sucks, but we finally got an ironing board that is full size and not a table top, so my life is a little bit easier now. i keep hoping santa is gonna surprise me one year with this iron i saw at canadian tire the other day, the thing had a friggin computer in it! it even talked! now that's what i call an iron. too bad it didn't do the ironing for you as you watched and happily drank the vodka for your linen water...tee hee, now that's what i call ironing!

so tonight i finally got to test out my fancy new linen water. i picked it up from Fruits & Passions ( i dragged jeremy in to test the smells. i didn't want him to stink too girly and knew if he hated the scent i wouldn't be able to use my linen water. we ended up getting the scent Tulip. I quite like it. i decided to buy some first, test it out and see if i like using it and if i do, then make my own.

i also loved the spray bottle. i have a secret dream that one day i will have the most decked out laundry room you have ever seen! it will be amazing! jeremy thinks i am nuts, but seriously, a man will never understand right ladies? a woman needs a great laundry room. bright, airy, everything is clean and best of all - organized! (and mom, i promise if i can afford to give myself one, i will buy you one too. you deserve it more than anyone!) it will have the best appliances, the nicest baskets and all my sprays, soaps, detergent will have cute homes. ohhh and we can't forget a folding area!!! so until i get my dream laundry room, i am starting to indulge in what small things i can to make my laundry chores more fun. i think i am gonna do up my ironing board needs some prettying up.

my prognosis is that i love this stuff!!!!! it smells great, it is a relaxing scent and it seriously did make my ironing more enjoyable. i also made sure i did my ironing while watching some good tv. that always helps. plus anything that has vodka in it, is always a good thing.