blind (play) there such a thing?

mack and i went for a "blind" play date today.

we met a mom on the internet on and set up a playdate for our daughters to meet.

i thought it was hilarious when we were making our plans to meet and we realized that we wouldn't know who to look for at the park. we started calling it a "blind play date". we even ended up exchanging photos of each other beforehand.

we met cindy and her daughter sadie at the beacon hill park playground. it was so nice for mack to be able to get out and play with another girl her age and for me to have another mom to talk to. we are going to try to meet up once a week.

during our walk home mack and i stopped to daze up at all the gorgeous cherry blossoms in full bloom everywhere. i couldn't help but take yet another cherry blossom photo. mackezie loves all those pretty pink blooms.