just a dollar

camille, mackenzie and i went out for a girlie shopping day today.

we hit up the dollar giant first. this is the best dollar store i have ever been in. it's like the winners of dollar stores. the stock is always changing and nothing in the store is over a dollar!!! i stock up on good steals in there regularly. here is what we scooped on today:

mackenzie got a new number puzzle to match the animal one i got her last week
i couldn't resist this cute pillow for mackenzie to use when she watches baseball with daddy
i have been looking everywhere for some soft divider boxes to use in my dresser drawers for my underwear and bras. should have known i would find them at the dollar giant of all places!i got jer the biggest spatula i have ever seen. cami and i figured mike and jer could use them to make us pancakes...hint, hint....she got mike one too.

i also found a super cute mini blackboard to hang in the kitchen to write fun things on.

cami got alot of loot there as well. we were trying to find some wedding stuff there but no luck in that department.

i must be out of practice cause we only went in three stores in the mall and that was more than enough! mackie passed out in the jogger on the walk home and had a nice, long nap for me.

jer is out at a "end of the tax season" party tonight so mackenzie and i decided to bake our first homemade pie for him. i got to use up some rhubarb that grandma joan gave us the other week. i had to make my pie crust from scratch and i am a bit nervous about how it is going to turn out. the recipe was for a "rhubarb crumble pie". it sounded delicious. the pie crust is only one layer and the topping of the pie is made from crushed corn flakes and other goodness to make a crunchy, sweet crust on top. cross your fingers for me as it's in the oven as i type. i will post pics tomorrow of THE PIE if it actually turns out edible..haha...or if jer leaves any for me to taste in the morning...lol.