coming back to life

mack and i have both been sick the last few days. i haven't gone out of the house since sunday and finally felt well enough to venture down to the park with mack for a bit this afternoon.

i have been moping around the house feeling sorry for myself and for mack. she has a cough and i have had some kind of small flu bug. poor jer had to come home early yesterday from work and take care of his ladies. he's the best.

so today's been a catch up of chores....bah! i have been vacuuming, dusting, washing dishes, cleaning floors, and still have 2 giant loads of laundry to fold, ironing to do, dinner to make & a bathroom/tub to clean...and who said stay at home mom's don't work!!!! oh well, that's how it goes some days right?
i also got spoiled by my mommy & daddy today! thanks mom & dad!!!! you guys are the best! i got a nice pressie in the mail - a cute shirt (that fits over the girls, good job mom!) and some spending money. my nana & papa also sent me a card and some spending money as well as grandma judy & ken....i cannot wait to go shopping! thanks to all of you for thinking of me, the birthday wishes and for the lovely cards!!!!
i still don't know how i feel about turning 31 next week though. it feels worse than 30, but we'll see. cami is gonna watch mack for jer and i on my bday (she's the best!) and we are heading out on the water for a day filled with kayaking!!! i am super excited!