floating on a river...

we went to the esquimalt recreation centre on saturday for a day of swimming!

i finally found a bathing suit that i wasn't horrified to come out of the change rooms in so it was off to the pool for the three of us.

mack has taken two rounds of swimming lessons now and jer has always on in the water with her so i was super excited to get in the pool with our little tadpole!

what i didn't expect was how much fun this pool was!

they had a super huge baby pool that pretty much was the size of an normal pool and contained a smaller baby pool and also what i think was the most fun of all a "lazy river". (it's hard to see in the pic and the photo only shows half the pool)

we had a riot in this thing. it is essentially a river in the pool complete with currents. you swirl around in a figure eight around two islands with water sprays hitting you ever so often. it's great fun and i think the adults were loving it more than the kids were!!! mack loved it! they also had big water spray sprinklers lining the sides of the baby pool that they turn on and off for a great surprise for the kids.

we usually go to the oak bay rec centre so this was a pleasant surprise. especially since i was looking for a pool that had more to offer than the tiny pool that oak bay has. all in all it was great fun and we were all super tired and hungry from our big day at the pool.