martini & a movie

i won't drone on here on and on about how much i loved the sex and the city movie. all i will say is that it exceeded all of my expectations and it was a one kick ass movie. i don't think they could have done any better.

we cried, laughed, yelled, cried again and laughed for the whole movie. how could you not love it - there was hot, naked men in it!!!! anyways, i can't wait to get my very own copy and torture jer by making him watch it with me.

i left jer alone with mackenzie while i got to go out for a much needed drink and a movie. those two had alot of fun and got into their usual trouble when mom's not around.

we haven't been up to much else the last few days. i am very behind in my knitting. it seems every night i plan to attempt to work on the 2 projects i have on the go and i just don't make it. one is a hat for myself and the other is a summer top i am designing for the baby. i am also on the hunt for a pattern i saw one of the judge's wearing on "so you think you can dance" last week as well. mack's molars are coming in and i am just happy to get her to sleep. at that point i am so knackered i go to bed myself. i will admit that i did manage to snag season 3 & 4 of melrose place (yes, they finally released them) and have been back to my happy melrose watching...i friggin love that show!!!! jer is back doing overtime and i am back being tired and in need of a break even though i just had one...hahah.