i finally won

we got a new game on the weekend.

we have a group of friends that we all like to play a game called "settlers" with. it's basically monopoly and risk's love child. i was hesitant to play it years ago as i hate strategy games, but i am addicted now. they got me hooked. it's fun, but requires a group of people to play with.

we have been hunting for games to play with only 2 players so we can play together. there is only so many times you can play scrabble.

after talking to the friends that got me hooked on settlers they told me about "carcassone". they are a couple and play it all the time with only 2 players. so on saturday my frugal shopper came out and i phoned around victoria to the gaming stores to get the best price. we have played it almost every night since we got it and love it.

not sure how long jer is gonna like it though, cause i kicked his butt the other night!!! hahah! i am a sore loser and can get vicious when playing, so it was fun to finally beat him at a game because usually i lose.

I highly recommend it for a fun 45 mins of game playing, especially if you are sick of cards or any other monotonous 2 player game.