bike trailer heaven

yippee! we got a bike trailer!

so excited. after a lot of research (aka the jogger scenario) we decided to invest in a bike trailer. we had been toying with the idea of getting a front mount bike seat, but after reading how hard it is to ride the bike with the seat on it and knowing about the rain in the winter here we decided against it.

we picked up the double trailer from mountain equipment coop. (

i read a lot of great reviews and talked to a lot of other moms/dads who use this one. it's a great little trailer for those who cannot afford or don't want to spend a ton of money on the chariot version.

mackie is super excited to go for a ride in it and we are looking forward to not having to lug groceries on our backs every week!

we decided to get the double size since it was only $30 more or so and that way if we have another baby or just a child visiting we don't need to upgrade later. they also have a great resale value.

i will post pics as soon as we take mackie out for her first cruise! she's gonna look adorable in a bike helmet.