normally I am scared of sharks...but....

normally i am scared of sharks...but....this time i am in love.

jer's work asked us what we would like for a wedding gift and i sneakily suggested a new iron.

i am the one who has to iron all of his billions of shirts for work right? i thought it was perfect. after putting up with all the overtime, i think an iron was the perfect gift for us (ahem, or maybe me).

i suggested the shark intelligent iron that i had been dreaming of but could never afford to go out and get. i thought it would work lovely with my linen spray. i wasn't prepared for how much i would love and get excited over an iron. who knew. the thing is great. i highly recommend it.

bye bye wrinkles! between the linen spray and the huge steam and water spray i get from this puppy they don't stand a friggin chance.