jer and i packed up the baby and went on a gift card spending spree on the weekend.
i am posting these pics up for my mom to see some of the goodies we picked up. i know this is a boring post and there will probably be more, but it's hard to explain the stuff over the phone. (mom i miss you terribly. come back!!!!!)
a huge thank you to all that got us great gifts! you guys rock and again, you didn't need to get us anything, it wasn't necessary, so thank you. (the thank you cards will be going out in the mail soon.)

my fave oven mitts in the whole world. i want to plaster the pattern and colors on these oven mitts everywhere. love em. i love em so much i don't even want to use them...i just want to oogle them. yes, i realize i need to get out more...hahaha. (the mitts are from stokes

the start of the deck garden. we tried to find a few herbs and plants that would still look great over the fall and winter. (thanks tracee & lonny)

"love at first sight"
we got a great little espresso maker from stokes ( and a bodum from jen. i am the happiest coffee drinker.

our new shower curtain and hand lotion dispenser for the main bathroom from home outfitters. (

we fell in love with this great little table at home outfitters which was just what we needed by the front door. (thanks nana and papa!) the diffuser is from pier one and the frame was a gift from my omi. the artwork in the frame is a card of one of jer's mom's paintings. (

ohhh and my 500 thread count sheets....absolute luxury. scored these during a great sale at home outfitters.