and the clothes came off

it's hot.
smokin hot with very little of that victoria wind that makes a hot day just a bit more bearable.
mack and i were roasting alive in our place so we decided to head out for a walk. that didn't last too long.
we tried to keep cool by sitting on the balcony or in front of the fan, but it wasn't cutting it. so the clothes came off. we sat around the house in our underthings and tried to keep cool. sorry neighbours...haha.
jer's out tonight and i am home by my lonesome pondering what to do with myself. i unpacked a bit more but that made me even hotter.
then i realized it has been way too long since i picked up my knitting. i went to go continue working on my shawl and then realized that would make me hot too. the thought of holding wool on me right now is not cool. i figure i will just check out ravelry and daydream of all the projects beckoning to me. (
i have another project beckoning to me to finish as well. my throw pillows for our bed are begging to be sewn. finally i may just have some time to get them done. but...low and behold i need some thread and it is buried in some storage bin that i am just too darn hot to go into at the moment.
so that leaves me with the computer and some good ol'olympics in the background. ohhhh how i would love to be frolicking in that huge, cold pool right now.
thankfully mack passed out early tonight. i figure the heat go to her, especially after we had to turn the oven on to cook oh my. she was in good spirits at least.
hopefully the sunshine sticks around for this weekend. i am dying to hit the beach. hopefully we can head off to gonzales beach early, stake a spot and frolic in the sun.
i thought i would add a pic to this post of jer doing manly things. we stayed up wayyyyy too late on sunday night trying to assemble a new desk. (i wish i could say it was doing something more fun, but no it was a desk..haha) it killed us and i have been trying to catch up on my zzzz's ever since. seeing as jer doesn't usually build things and it is me who normally does it, i thought i better capture the momentous occassion on camera.