red hair rules

wes rules. he rocks. (except when he has hard alcohol..haha)
just wanted to send out to you a huge thank you!
thanks for going to two weddings in one day an ocean ferry ride apart and getting a speeding ticket to do it.
thanks for travelling again the next weekend by ferry again to help us do the horrible task of moving.
you are a great friend. we owe you breakfast.
i am not sure you will see this, but i have a sneaking suspicion you are one of the few people who actually read my
and all you single ladies out there looking for a great guy? wes is your man. he is one of my hubby's best buds, loves my kid and kids in general, puts up with me, owns his own house, car, no debt, cooks great food, is smart and funny and has a job! (sorry wes, i just had to advertise ya a
hope you are doing good and when you coming back over for a visit????