baby did a bad, bad thing

i did a bad thing.

well, maybe not a bad thing in some people's mind, but in my little mommyhood world it was kind of bad.
mack and i were out for a walk and i spotted the most gorgeous hydrangea bush in an alley road of an apartment building and couldn't help myself from picking some and taking them home.

it was actually quite absurd to find myself skulking around on this little street pushing my child in her stroller, trying to look casually innocent as I steal foliage from some property. what has my life come to? ahaha. just as i was about to rip the bloom off the bush mack decides to start screaming. it was hilarious. i grabbed the flowers and took off speed walking before i got caught. seriously, i felt as though some old biddy was gonna jump out of the bush and come at me any second. and yes, the old biddies here in oak bay are a bit frightening when messed with, so i actually felt the adrenaline rush as i tried to escape with my pretty stolen flowers and screaming toddler.

they look gorgeous though and i figured they would go great with the greenery we stole from strathcona park earlier in the day...hahaha. i know, i know, my life is sad..haha, but a girl's gotta get some excitement from somewhere right?