kelly ripa arms

ok, seriously, i am obsessed with kelly ripa's arms.

i am in love with her arms. i watch the show sometimes just to see her arms.

she never fully reveals her arm workouts either. she will give away her fitness secrets, but never her arms!!! that lady is one ripped momma. she looks phenomonal. a bit too skinny in other parts, but her arms make up for it if you ask me...haha.

so my goal is to achieve the closest arms i can get to ripa's delicious ones.

tonight is one of my new steps to achieving this goal. i am going to a pilates sculpt class. i love pilates and am looking forward to this class which mixes in the body ball, bands and other equipment with pilates. should be a good workout and i need all the help i can get to banish my baby pooch.

ahhhhhh, baby pooch sucks. hopefully all our biking, running, and pilates/yoga will help plus i am going to be going to the gym as well. ripa arms here i come!!!!!