i have designated tuesday night as 90210 night.

jer is at school so i figured it would be a great night to round up some ladies and watch us some 90210.

i miss the old gang though. i don't think i am going to pass too much judgement on the new series until i have seen a few more episodes. i am one of the fans who would love to see some of the old cast return and join jennie garth and shannen doherty.

i still watch old beverly hills reruns late at night when mack is up. gotta love those shows.

my only complaint thus far is the amount of money they all seem to flaunt around. it gets to be a little bit much, but other than that i think they did a good job casting.

the ladies could stand to gain a little weight though. my oh my. when mack gets older i don't want these girls to be the "ideal" body weight. they look like toothpicks about to fall over and snap in half from holding up their heads! i mean look at this girl's legs!!! that is skinnier than my arm for crying out loud!

i love that they have the storyline for us "non teenagers" out there. especially when they bring in cast that i love. you can't go wrong when you mix "full house" with "melrose place". hahaha.

i am looking forward to this weeks episode and i am sure jeremy is sick of hearing me say "same drama, new zipcode".