it's an adventure on my ironhorse

here's my bike mom! your turn to get one now!

after getting mack a bike trailer i also got a new bike.

i don't know anything about bikes and after doing a bit of research and the advice of a really helpful staff member i ended up getting a "hybrid". it's called the "adventure" by ironhorse. i love it.

the bike is a cross between a mountain bike and a street bike. the seat is extra cushy and oh so big (no sore buns riding this puppy) the handlebars are completely adjustable so you can move them forward/back or up/down, (which is great for us short people) it's got great shocks and the ride is so smooth and easy. i have my own little bell on it as well.

i never realized bike riding could be so much fun, so relaxing and so easy. my old bike was a piece of sheat that was so hard to ride. overall i am very happy with this bike, i only wish the bottle holder i attached to it could be configured to carry a starbucks coffee in it and that i looked better in a bike helmet. a girl can dream can't she?