frame it up

i found the cutest frame at the dollar giant the other day.

i have a lot of frames, but i rotate them and do use them all quite regularly. i never really thought much about it until jer said when i showed him this one "another frame?", but he is a man, and like shoes, they think 2-3 pairs is an acceptable amount to own.

i love it. i think it's adorable and was just the thing i needed for in our bedroom. even though i live with a man a girl's gotta have a little sparkle here and there. we are almost done decorating the new place, but the bedroom (as usual) is the last one to be finished and the catchall for all the stuff we haven't put away yet.

the candle holder beside the frame is my fave candleholder. i love it and wish i could find a print of the pattern to frame. speaking of prints, i finally put some pictures up above our bed. i have been humming and hawing about what to put there and finally decided to use the last two frames I had from our last ikea splurge up. i loved the designs I had found online and printed out in black and white. the grey tone goes perfect with the rest of the house and the colors in the bedroom. we are still hunting for a few things like bedside tables and lamps for the bedroom, but haven't found any we want yet.

i still sigh every night i go to bed and slide onto our super soft sheets and comfy bed and realize i am just that much closer to my new year's resolution of having the cozy, relaxing, bedroom of my dreams. it's worth every hard earned penny.