orange drops

i have been finding myself with a need to bake the last few weeks.
yesterday mack and i were going through some cookbooks and i really wanted to make some lemon bars. but when i went to the fridge low and behold i only had 1/2 a lemon left and needed a whole one. oops.

so i scoured the fridge to see what i had left. oranges. what the heck can i bake with oranges? now i am a new to all this cooking stuff and am absorbing and learning as much as i can, so i found myself amazed to find so many recipes for desserts using oranges!

i ended up making a great little orange cookie recipe. i cut down the sugar, used organic whole wheat flour and paboom, a yummy, somewhat healthy little cookie. i did add a single semi-sweet chocolate chip to every other cookie because i love the mix of orange with chocolate.

mack and i love cooking together and she has alot of fun playing with all the mixing bowls and measuring cups. she especially loves my garage sale fave finds. i don't usually like her playing with them which probably makes her want to play with them even more. but i love them and couldn't stand to see them broken.

in the next few months i am going to get really ambitious and try to make some cute little aprons for us to wear. i have dug out my sewing machine and am going to try to make a few little projects for around the house and finally finish my pillows for the bedroom. the fabric is calling to me and now with jer doing homework at night i have more free time to dibble in my crafts. we'll see if i make it down the long road of sewing. if anything it should make for some interesting blogging.