let the apron making begin!

i am finally posting pics of the material i am using (or reusing) to make my apron from.

i fell head over heels in love with this pattern and color on these pillowcases i found buried under dishcloths at the dollar giant. they cost a buck each and i just couldn't pass them up. i have 4 of the brown and 2 of the light blue. i figured it was a great way to get my hands on some practice material to make my apron from. i am going to rip the seams out and then voila! a big amount of fabric. the material isn't the softest to the touch (which is why they were in the dollar store), i sure wouldn't sleep on them, but they will make great apron material.

i am going to use the brown for the bottom half and light blue on the top. i am going to make the pocket on the brown out of light blue and depending on how adventurous i get, i may trim the whole thing in light blue as well. we'll see how i do. it's a vision i have in my lil ol head of what i want it to look like. i am also using a smock my nana sewed for me a few years ago as a sizing reference and the pocket patterns from "bend the rules sewing".

after i complete mine, (hopefully - cross your fingers for me) i am going to make another one for mack. i found another pillowcase there yesterday, surprise, surprise and thought it would be cute for her. it's light blue with kitchen stuff on it. why anyone would want that on bedding is beyond me but there it was, begging to be an apron for a little girl. i am going to look for some other material to put with it to add a bit more girliness to it. it should be fun. it is going to be part of her xmas presents this year.

now that i have found the pillowcases my eyes are darting all over the place looking for new material recyclables. jer just donated a whole whack load of dress shirts and i just may keep some to use for bits of accents or pocket material. hmmmmm, seems like so many options!

i am having fun with this sewing stuff. i picked up some supplies on the weekend and now feel like i am able to get going. i now only need to find the energy and suppress my guilt for ignoring my ever beckoning knitting pile. i still love you, my babies, momma just needs to do a few things and then poof, my "hills hat" is gonna be sittin on my head keeping my noggin warm this winter and i'll be wearing my "tofino" shawl around my neck.