on the hunt

mack and i went on a hunt for a naturopath clinic yesterday.

i have been having phone consultations with my naturopathic doctor since moving to victoria from van but it hadn't sunk in to me that i needed to find somewhere to buy my meds from in town. so i found myself on monday morning realizing i needed to buy one of them that day. silly me.

i phoned to about 5-6 naturopath clinics until i found one that had what i needed. what a pain in the butt. especially since i don't have a car i needed to only find clinics in the area. why do they always put naturopathic clinics in the boondocks????

the clinic i went to (i won't name names) was a bit freaky and involved me walking into a house (or a business) i really couldn't tell until i opened the door and prayed it wasn't someones home and then climbed the oldest and steepest set of stairs while carrying mack in my arms and her umbrella stroller over my head to meet some receptionist who yelled down to me from the end of the hall. weird.

i had a very big sense of sadness and longing for my old clinic. anyone looking for an exceptional naturopath clinic please visit the sage clinic here. they are voted year after year the best clinic in vancouver and i swear by them. if i had never gone to see dr. polinsky i would never have been able to have mackenzie. so when this lady in the weird attic naturopath clinic asked me to become a patient there i politely declined and said i was staying with my current doc. i then proceeded to leave the dark, hot house all the while daydreaming of the sage clinic with it's water sounds, yummy organic teas and relaxing environment.

i think i'll stick with my phone consultations and be more organized (or attempt to) next time i need medicine.