rain rain go away

i cannot believe it's fall already.

the rain has started and i am not prepared. i don't own a waterproof jacket and it rains all winter here. i don't have a car so i am exposed to the elements whenever i am outside which is everyday whether i am biking or running or walking. needless to say i need a waterproof coat. i must move that up on my to do list.

mack and i got a bit wet this week, or i should say i got drenched keeping her dry...haha. the weather was miserable and we were out in it all week.

we braved the moody bus drivers, rude patrons on the bus who don't get up for babies or elders (what the hell is wrong with them*&#*), and that stinky, stuffy rain smell that fills the air on the bus on those rainy, grey days to get out of the house. i am pondering how and how to complain to about the lack of respect on public transit and the worst part is the bus drivers are part of the problem. i am sure i am going to post a big rant one of these days so i will apologize in advance. we had fun regardless and enjoyed ourselves.

my mommy retired the other week and i have been loving our daily phone chats at 10am every morning. it helps make my day go by better and more cheerfully now that i have another "adult" to talk to during the day. i don't have to call jer at work 3 times a day now to just say hi.

my mom and i are both working on a project together. we are both putting together recipe binders. i am excited about all the fun, endless possibilites this binder can have. each day we have new tips and ideas for our potential binders!!! if anyone out there has some great ideas, please comment.

right now i am just starting, but i have my index layed out and have downloaded a cute recipe card template from microsoft office online for typing out my handwritten recipes. we also both decided to use images for all of our recipes. if the original recipe doesn't have an image, we will photograph the item once cooked. so fun! i love this project and can't wait to really find some time to get it going! the possibilities seem endless! we will post some pics when they are all done.

in the meantime i am on the hunt for a some new cookbooks to use. anyone have any suggestions? i am running out of cookbooks available at the library. i tend to search bestseller lists/recommendations and then request them through the library but lately have been getting stumped. i love books with photos and recipes that are yummy/healthy but easy.

we are looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend and hopefully not too much homework for jeremy. if you get a chance to spend some time online please go check out how about orange. this blog is full with wonderful ideas to craft, decorate, you name it. she also has some new fabrics out that are to die for. i can seriously get lost on this blog. lot's of fun, especially now that the holidays are coming up i am on the hunt for great gift ideas.

here are some pics of mack goofing around the house the other morning that i thought were too cute not to post.