halloween is almost here.....

we've had a busy week or so and i have found myself with little time to stay on top of my blogging, so here is a whack load of pics of what we have been up to:

we went to visit the michell's farm on the weekend and scored some great pumpkins! a baby, mommy and daddy size pumpkin and then found some great templates online to print out and use to put cool faces on our pumpkins. mack was a bit freaked out of the insides of the pumpkins when jer was carving but she had a hoot regardless. we roasted some yummy pumpkin seeds that i was scared weren't going to turn out but they did and they sure are delicious.

the house is looking ready for halloween, what with the pumpkins, some new fall foilage we scored on sale at michael's for 90% off and mack and i's wonderful halloween crafts we made and colored for the glass patio doors. she walks by them and says "boo" to the kleenex ghosts and "trick or treat" to the cat and witches we made. it's too cute and we had a lot of fun making them a week or so ago.

mackenzie finished her last bout of swim lessons and passed with a great report card again. she can now go into the third level once she is 2 in the spring. she is really confident in the water and seems to love it. this one has no fear i tell ya. i am thinking she may have caught the swim bug from my mom and grandpa.

i have been busy compiling christmas craft ideas and fun activities to do with mackenzie over the holidays. we think we got our "xmas card picture" for our annual photo card but we aren't telling which one it is...tee hee. i love the holidays and can't wait to start with all the fun festivities.