sorry it's been a bit since i last posted.
we have had a houseguest since sunday and i have been quite busy taking care of the boys. it's been fun spoiling our friend tymon (and of course jer) with yummy meals and alot of beer (and some halloween candy, ok, a fair amount of halloween candy) accompanied by some serious wii time. man that game is fun.
mack is gonna miss her buddy and i am gonna miss the company during the daytime.
thought the pic below was adorable but i am not too sure if tymon enjoyed mackie's 7am wakeups as much as she did...tee hee.

will post more in the next few days....i have a nice, cold, granville island winter ale calling my name right now...yum, you know winter is coming when this fave beer of mine comes out. i just can't get enough of that vanilla in my beer.