i love breakfast

we love breakfast in our house.

i love going out for breakfast more than any other meal. i miss all the great little diners in vancouver that jer and i used to haunt every saturday morning for a lazy breakfast and lots of coffee. you could get a huge, stuff your face, good, old style diner breakfast plus coffee for $4.99. you cannot find that here in victoria.

don't get me wrong, there are some damn good breakfast places here in town. but they are bit more expensive and for me to be able to convince jer to go out every weekend for breakfast cheaper is better. only thing is we still want good quality for a low price. it's proving hard to find.

some of our fave places to go in victoria so far are (and it has taken me a damn long time to compile this list):

The Blue Fox Cafe

John's Place

Floyd's Diner


usually a breakfast will go for around $7 and up without coffee. they are delicious though and all of them provide a fun atmosphere to have breakfast. we love to go to floyd's when the baby is with us as it's loud and bustling with activity so babies go unnoticed. something every parent strives to find in a dining venue. last thing you want is to irritate all the hung over breakfast crowd..haha.

my personal fave is the blue fox. i could eat there every day. i drag jer there for our once a month dates if i can. i pig out there...haha. i cannot resist their pan fried potatoes. they are mouthwatering and so delicious. only drawback is it is small in there and very, very busy for breakfast and lunch. be prepared to stand in a long line and strollers will not fit. because of that we tend to not go there with mackenzie.

i try to not get too irritated with lineups though. that is a good sign that it's yummy inside and worth the wait. it has been hard moving to a new city and trying to find all the good places to eat. we still haven't found good sushi yet. we miss vancouver sushi so bad and if we go to van in november the first thing we are doing is going to all you can eat sushi, something vancouver island doesn't seem to have yet.

since i am currently not working and trying to prolong my "stay at home" mommy status as long as possible we can't afford to go out for the pricier breakies every weekend so jer and i take turns cooking them at home. this past saturday we had some yummy muffins i whipped up. they are the "super lemon blueberry muffins" from the "the best of bridge: the best of the best and more" cookbook. you can find the recipe here and the book here. mackenzie loved them! i didn't have enough blueberries kicking around in my fridge, so i did equal parts organic blueberries and dried cranberries and they were delicious. the hint of lemon is my fave. i love lemon in baked goods. i also always throw some ground flax seed in my baking.

who needs a restaurant when you have a mommy right?