kiss my skin

fall is here which means winter is right around the corner.

that scares the crap out of my skin. it seems that as soon as that delicious crispness is in the air my skin goes AWOL.

i knew i needed backup and of course, turned to my fave kiss my face products. i needed some lotion for my body and my hands. you would not believe how dry my hands are. mostly my fingers. i wash my hands a gazillion times a day and go through cream like crazy. so when i saw the huge jumbo size moisturizers on sale that i had been eyeing, i bought them up. i love them and of course they work great. no greasy residue. one for my bathroom and one for the kitchen. i couldn't decide which scent i liked better so i splurged and bought them both.

i just need to find a small size one to keep in my purse and i am all set. kiss my face, my hair and kiss my skin! if you haven't tried there stuff yet, i dare ya! just be warned, you'll be hooked. but don't worry, that's a good thing. i could use some fellow addictees...hee hee.