bff's 4 -ever

i couldn't help but post some more pictures from the park....yes, there are more. they just keep coming. i can't resist those special little moments. mackenzie and her bff ava make such precious friends and they just love each other so very much.

we have had a busy week around here with not much time for crafting. we did manage to make some great plastic cup maracas. so simple and so much fun to make. mackenzie loves the foil and they make a great sound.

all we did was tape the two plastic cups together brim towards brim with masking tape after filling with whatever goodness you decide to use to make the sounds with. we used rice. after sealing the cups i placed a long strip of double sided tape to start wrapping the foil against and then another at the end. we then covered the bottom of the cups with foil as well (this is optional). after you are done with the foil you can either shake to your hearts content or decorate them. we chose to use some tissue paper and mack asked to have a heart and a flower on hers. they aren't the most durable things to play with but she loves them anyways.

mackenzie and i will be busy this weekend making christmas tree decorations. we had to get our hands on a glue stick (now found) and a hole punch and now we are raring to go. we have been collecting cardboard to use and have some great wrapping paper. mackenzie gets to delegate which shapes and outlines we get to use and she is super excited to help. we'll see what kind of trouble we can get into...and fun messes we make.