sewing madness

i made a skirt for mackenzie.
it is even wearable, well, at least i think it is...haha.

jer was busy studying (as per usual) the other night and i was feeling very creative. i hunted the house for some leftover fabric and seeing as this was the first time i was making one, i didn't mind using some scrap material. i figured it was a test run.

i was surprised by how much fun i had and how simple it was. i took a skirt that mack already had and laid it down on the fabric as a template for my pattern. the only thing i had a real issue with was the elastic for the waist. the way i had read to do it just wasn't working for me, so after discussing it with jer i decided to wing it. anyways, i am sure there are much easier ways to do it, but mine had the same outcome so we were happy.

i can't wait to make her some more clothes and now find myself having pretty little ideas to whip up in my head for her.

i am in dangerous territory now. at first i thought i had it bad with just knitting stuff for us, but now with all the possibilities of sewing out there.......i just need to find some more time to make all the projects running around in my head.

my nana made this cute little dress for mackenzie and i had to post some pics of her wearing it the other day. thanks for the dress and for passing down the sewing bug!