a little rant never hurt anyone...

i haven't had much time for blogging this week.
all my free time on line has been spent hunting for new classes to enroll mackenzie in for the winter. i am feeling a tad desperate at the moment as i know how bad the overtime is going to be for jeremy at work. i need as much to do as possible.
the busier me and mack are the happier we are - especially when jer isn't home all week till late at night. it keeps us both entertained and makes the day go by faster.
i have found a sad lack of programs in the greater victoria area. it seems as though saanich offers a huge variety of different classes for kids this age but the downtown/greater victoria districts do not. i am especially disappointed with oak bay recreation. yes, alot of seniors live here, but so do other people. why the lack of quality and variety of children's activities? it's not enough to just offer salsa babies and a few other classes that all sound exactly the same as the last one but with a different name. not all parents just want to do one kindergym drop in after another. i would like some structured classes so our kids can learn and play.
i have been ranting to anyone who listens about this lately. i feel crabby. it makes me crabby when you see what another neighbourhood has to offer and don't understand why yours doesn't.
victoria is always stating how they are so eco-friendly and are trying to work on promoting bike commuting etc but then they expect us to drive for 45 minutes to go to a class for 2 year old? i don't get it. i am not going to take 3 buses for an hour with my baby to go to a class in saanich when i should be able to get the same class in victoria.
but don't worry, i am not one to just sit and whine and complain about such things. i am going to write a letter and see if i can get some answers.
in the meantime here is a few pics of me and the mackster freezing our tooshies (sp?) off outside in the cold today. she is now curled up on the couch amidst her blankies and playing with her books as i type this post. we've got some serious ornament making to do tonight and i also picked up some cute pink material with little orange hearts on it to see if i can whip mackie up a cute dress or skirt or anything wearable...haha, but i say this now, when it is 3:09pm, and the story may be different tonight at say 8:00 when i usually do my sewing.

our friend wes is coming to stay with us this weekend and we are soooooo excited. he is doing us a big favour when he comes to visit so i am trying to come up with a special meal to make him this weekend. any suggestions anyone? beer will please him, but i do need to feed the guys some food as well. wes - what would you like? i know you are reading this...hahaha....cmon...got any requests? a special dessert maybe? you will need something to soften the blow when i whoop you guys at settlers and carcassone...haha.