finally finished!

i managed to get mackenzie's (repurposed pillowcase) apron finally done! i am super excited about the fact that i actually managed to sew something that wasn't a square!!!! it turned out alright and i learned a few things in the process that will help when i make her more - they are addicting little things. (i still need to sew mine....ahhhhh) i still can't get over the fact that someone even made a pillowcase out of kitchen cooking utensil fabric? weird.

last night i was supposed to be ironing the huge pile of about 20 dress shirts of jer's (i have been procrastinating a bit) and got caught up in a creative spurt of energy at 9 o'clock last night and decided to whip up a table runner. do not ask me why or where that came from. i have been obsessing over tree skirts the last few days and i'm dying to beg someone to take me to the fabric store so that i can make one. so i can't seem to figure out how the tree skirt obsession turned into a table runner?

the color is going to work perfectly with my dishes which are white and a set of grey. i loved the pattern when i saw it and couldn't resist buying it for a dollar at the dollar giant. you just have to ignore the big crease in the middle of the photo, i have to really give it a good steam. it was very easy to make and super simple. maybe that is why it appealed to me. i just looked at the material and said "what the hell, let's make a table runner". what can i say - i am into this whole repurposed projects thing. i am hooked in the whole turning something into something else frenzy. it's fun and really gets the creative juices flowing and it's great when you are on a budget.