our day

it is finally gorgeous weather out today so where did mack and i head - out for coffee! yep, we went out to go indoors. we headed out to our favorite coffee place the black stilt. they have the best americano's and they only put out 2 bags of garbage per week, these people mean business. they recycle and compost everything, it's refreshing to see and i love supporting a local business with great values. it doesn't hurt that it's cozy and relaxing inside and mack will sometimes actually curl up with me in the big comfy chairs and have a snack. but don't worry we didn't stay in for long. the park was calling our name. here our some pics from our day.

completely off topic here is a pic from one of our fave cold weather night meals - tuna casserole that we ate the other night. it was super delicious and hit the spot! i make mine from the campbell's soup recipe but i use whole wheat macaroni noodles instead of what they suggest. i have tried a few different recipes for tuna casserole but this is our favorite by far. mack loves it and actually ate seconds and then had leftovers for lunch the next day. can't beat that.

yummmmmmm, don't you just wanna dig in?