the tree is up

just a little hint of our xmas tree.
it was exciting to get to decorate our own tree this year. don't get me wrong, i miss my mom's tree horribly, but this time we got to start our own family traditions with our tree.
the color in this photo is a bit off due to me taking it during the daytime. everything is white, silver and shades of blue, whereas this pic looks a bit gold if you ask me. oh well, it get's the idea across.
i had fun making some of the xmas decorations and mackenzie loved finding ones on the tree with pictures of her on it.
we have been busy today hiding out inside from the stormy, cold, wet weather. we kept the blinds closed, turned on the xmas tree, the fireplace, made some tea, had some great christmas music on mixed in with some classic miles davis and then just let ourselves melt away with the oozy, cosiness of it all.

i will post more pics this weekend of the tree and the decorations after we finish with all the christmas decor and jer takes some nighttime tree pictures.
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