the sweetness of a napping baby is indescribable.
i love those little moments of innocence when you are dying to wake them because they are so adorable you can't bear them to sleep any longer, yet you know you relish your "me" time as well. it's a hard battle sometimes. i got some much needed time worked on my "hills" hat that has been sadly neglected sitting in my knitting basket for so long while mackenzie napped. it felt good to get some knitting in.
our poor little angel has a cold, but we have been lucky and it's her first one. we are newbies with the whole sick toddler thing. it is breaking our hearts to see her not feel well. so mackenzie and i have been cozied up indoors spending a lot of time snuggling, napping (her not me..haha), playing, reading and doing christmas crafts. we haven't been able to go outside much in the last few days as we have been having a lot of snow and windstorms here. it is freeeeeezing out! all the more reason for me to get some more knitting done making us some warm, woolly goodies to help deal with all the storms outside.