a little bit of the hills is done!

i forgot to mention i finally got my "a little bit of the hills" hat done from the drops design pattern. yes, i watch the hills and yes i love seeing what the ladies of the hills are wearing. so when i caught an episode with lauren conrad wearing a cute, cream slouch hat i was sold on making one of my own for all my bad hair days.
This hat has taken me what feels like eons to finish. I am not that fast on double pointed needles and this one i found tricky on them due to the size. I also had a problem with the gauge (i hate gauge..haha) and thought I had it right when I did the rib border but low and behold when i finished the hat (even though I tried it on as I went) the ribbing border was way too loose. I was discouraged and didn’t want to unravel the whole hat so I spent a few days pondering what to do. I ended up placing two cute buttons on the back ribbing and folded and sewed in the border to fit tighter against my head. I haven't tried to shrink it in the dryer yet because i have been too busy wearing it and i have to admit it is growing on me the way it is. all in all I liked the pattern, it’s super cute, I just wished mine had fit me better.