keep those little hands warm

so i haven't finished sewing the mittens yet. oh well. i have an excuse, i have been sick. due to the fact of my excused laziness i started yet another project.

i have been obsessing on ravelry looking for a new hat patterm for little mackie and just can't seem to decide which one to make for her. i got fed up with choosing, so while laying in bed watching damages i decided to make cute fingerless mitts for her in a light pink color of course! now she will have some just like momma's stroller fingerless mitts made from the pattern emanelle by nancy ricci!

sucky thumb mitt pattern you can also view it on my ravelry page.

i have been madly trying to find a nice, easy pattern to work on when i finally get to attend the local knitting group here in victoria. it is the number one thing on my new year's resolutions list to do. with all of jeremy's overtime last year and the wedding i just never made it and i am dying to go. they are called "the bitchy bees" and this group kicks some serious knitter butt. they have monthly beer knit nights at pubs in town!!! come on now, how can i not want to go? knitting, beer, a great group of people, oh and no baby? i am in. they have been so nice in letting me lurk in there ravlery group for a year even though i have never attended a meeting - thanks guys!

if you live in town and are interested in attending here is some info from there ravelry group page:

Twice a week we invade the serenity of Khona Cafe and wreak havoc and knitting mayhem upon its staff and customers. We love knitting almost as much as we love being obnoxious! Come sit, stitch, socialize and swap stories and ideas with us. It’s as simple as that, nothing pretentious at all. We are a boisterous and passionate group of knitters, and despite the name, we’re really nice :-P
–Women and men, beginners and experts, bohemians and professionals, young and old, knitters, crocheters and other textile crafters – all are welcome!

Don’t know how to knit or crochet? Just bring needles and yarn with you and one of us will be happy to help you get started.
The only cost involved is the food or drink you order. We recommend a one beverage minimum. (They are running a business after all!)
So if you’re interested in meeting up for a fun night of knitting, drop by! We love meeting new people :-)

Khona Cafe/Coffee Bar (corner of Fort & Cook)
Victoria BC Canada
Tuesday and Friday Evenings
6pm to 8pm

**Check out the bitchybees website!**

i have a feeling that i will end up finishing the mitts by tuesday....ahhhh, then i really will have to decide on a new hat for mack.