australia, here i come!

oh how i wish i was in australia right now.
i love tennis. i love to watch tennis almost as much as i love to play. i have been happy knowing that at least while i am under the weather i can sit and cuddle with mackenzie and watch some great tennis. she loves to watch it and we can't wait to teach her to play.
my nana (who is my favorite tennis player) has been very ill for a few weeks now in the hospital and it is a nice feeling knowing that she is watching it at the same time as us. she taught me how to play tennis but more importantly to truly love it. i hope i can pass that along to my daughter. i love you nana.
i am hoping for a final showdown between nadal and federer, but there are some other players out there who could upset the balance. i wouldn't complain about that either. tomorrow's match of roddick against federer just may be the upset this competition needs.
i just can't get enough of a 4 hour, 5 set, nail biter, play till you crack game of tennis. the weather there is scorching hot, the atmosphere is pumped, the fans are diehards and the matches are unbelievable - you just can't get better than that when it comes to tennis.