pillow covers

mackenzie got a new table and chair set from ikea for xmas this year. she loves it.
we underestimated the amount of time we thought she would be using it. originally we thought we would put it in her bedroom for crafting, coloring and tea parties galore. that isn't how it has turned out.
the table has made permanent residence in our living room and we find our behinds (which are very sore) on these little chairs more often than not.
after many minutes of torture i have now decided to make little pillow cushions for the chairs. i found some foam just about the perfect size at walmart on the weekend for just over a dollar! i think i am going to do the cushions in a pretty blue print that i have been saving to repurpose from a pillow cover. only problem is i can't seem to find some help on how to make a pillow cushion this size online. i may have to wing it, but am not wanting to do this. i would rather make them properly in this case. i will have to keep hunting some more today.
mack is feeling better but i am still not feeling great. unfortunately the overtime has started for my hubby so i am flying sick and solo. mom - you wanna come take care of me and my little one? oh....if life could only be that easy.