will they end up wearable?

on monday i started to sew the baby a new pair of mitts after searching for a pair around town that we like and her losing every pair i find.
i couldn't find a pattern (for free) online that i loved so decided to wing it. brave of me, i know. stupid? yep.

oh well. i figure the best way to learn sometimes is by trial and error. plus i have never been one to follow patterns well and tend to like to look at an object and go - aha!, i know what to make with that.

so after scrounging through the bag of clothes (to be repurposed) and scrap material i decided to make mackenzie's mitts from a pair of much loved pj pants of mine, an old receiving blanket and a stained tshirt of hers.

i used the pj's for the outer layer, the receiving blanket for the inner layer and the pieces from the stained shirt for in between for warmth and softness. i had no fleece laying around so decided to make do with what i had.

1) i sewed the blanket to the shirt pieces and then sewed that piece to the pj material. 2) after that step i sewed a hem (open ended) to each piece (that would be 4 pieces) to allow for me to later string the ribbon from my pj's through to secure the mitts to the babies wrist. 3) once you are done the hem i then sewed the mitts together resulting in a pair. don't sew all the way up to the top of the hem because you won't be able to string the ribbon in after.

i have run into a bad pin issue with the stringing part. my safety pin decided to break and get stuck in my hem thus resulting in me being very angry at my mitt and having to take about an hour to get the stupid thing out. i have now got the string in both and am just in the process of hand stitching up the the two hem sides to finish off the opening where the ribbon is and closing the side stitch of the hem (taking care not to sew through to the ribbon).

i will post pics of them when they are finished. but after last night's battle with the pin i may not pick them up again for a day or two when frustration has warn off...haha.