so many projects, so little time...

what i am loving right now.

this book took my breath away. my husband was going nuts with me reading aloud sections, ooohing, ahhiiing and just being so thankful that someone finally wrote a gorgeous, inspiring book that answered all of my silly little questions about sewing. i hope this one finds it's way to my bookshelf really soon as my copy is from the library and i am too depressed with the idea of returning it.
please visit anna's blog that is a beautfiul as her precious book

this humorous knitting book by two fabulous ladies is filled to the rim with funny quirks, comments and most importantly great knitting! i loved it and will be knitting more than a few of the patterns in this book. they can be found at

what i am looking forward to reading:

check out for a sneak peak inside there new design book!

and if these don't get your creative juices flowing, be sure to check out the long thread's list of the top tutorials of 2008. i think i am going to make almost 1/2 of the projects listed on here, or should i say attempt to (more like want to) and where i am going to find the time is beyond me. a girl can dream right?