happy birthday

happy birthday to the best hubby/daddy!
my poor guy is suffering with some horrible tooth pain (we won't get into the tirade of stuff we have to say about dentistry and how much it costs) and has to spend his bday afternoon in the dentist chair in pain. that just sucks.

mackenzie and i made him a calendar for his office at work and it turned out great. he also loved his newly revised ipod cover (will post pics soon) and uses the tuxedo style one for the cell phone. i am in the process of making another one for our new camera. that pattern is addicting and lots of fun. (for more info see this post)

we won't be doing much tonight to celebrate jer's bday but we did get a chance to go out and somewhat hit the town on saturday, in what i call - parentstyle. meaning we left at 6 and were home just after 10...haha. it was fun and a nice break from the baby.
so happy bday to my man and i hope you are having a great day today, tooth pain and all.
p.s. i promise to make the banana bread this week.