goofy girls

i have a cold. it sucks. what sucks more is that i think mackie may have it too.
we dragged ourselves outside today, colds and all, to "baby picasso" at the James Bay Community Centre. mackenzie loves this class. she gets to go wild with the arts & crafts, play with toys & kids all in a structured environment with a teacher. but the best part of all of it is that i don't have to clean up!!!! yippee! any mom who has a toddler this age knows the size of mess i am talking about. how they manage to get things in the places they do is beyond me. last week mack stamped her face and had a dog character in ink on her cheek. luckily it washed off. if you live in the area you should check out the class. it is $20 for 4 classes and then they start over again. it's a great program for a wide age group of kids. i take 2 buses to get there so it must be worth it...haha.

after trekking home on the buses we decided that my throat hurt too much to read stories, which mackenzie was requesting, so i thought i would post about this site that has saved me many a time when i haven't felt like reading. check out TumbleBooks. it's a site that has a library of books for kids of all ages that are read aloud by authors and such. it shows the pictures, animation and also highlights the words as they are read. mackenzie loves it.

we especially love the robert munsch ones. he is a delight to listen to. the site is a demo through the victoria public library website. i am not too sure how you go about signing up or if you pay because i just use the library's link to it. i do know that tumblebooks also has libraries for older kids that features a great variety of classics and new books as well.

my little goofball and i then had some lunch. i had to post some of the pics i got of my wee one gobbling up her food today. too cute if you ask me, but i am her mother...haha.

are these regis worthy? not sure yet, but i have a few weeks left to decide. i need help though. so those of you out there who happen to read this little blog of mine, please let me know which pic you think should be the one we enter in. i really wanna see my baby's face on the regis and kelly show!!