suiting up the ipod

jeremy's bday is just around the corner so i have been scheming up some gifts to make for him. he insists he doesn't want anything for his bday, but i just can't seem to believe him..haha.
a few months ago i saw a great project on "made by petchy's" blog. it was the cutest little ipod cover i have ever seen. i feel in love with it. i wanted one.
only problem is i don't use my ipod that much anymore unless it is on our ipod base as a stereo. whenever i go out i have the baby with me and that doesn't lend itself well to rockin out on my ipod. i miss blaring the tunes and going for a run, but now i just blare them at home and watch my darling little girl rock out along with me.
since i ended up not getting inspired to make one for myself i decided to replace jer's ratty old one with a new handmade by me one. i have a whole bunch of his old dress shirts laying around just begging to be repurposed, so out they came.
i decided to go for a very simple, yet modern look. it reminds me of a suit, which seems to go perfectly with jeremy. he doesn't like bold, colorful things.
the tutorial on made by petchy's blog uses a sewing machine, but because i was making this with mackenzie running around i hand stitched instead. it took longer and isn't as clean around the seams, but that's how it goes when you have a toddler running around and you are trying to surprise your hubby.
i ran into a problem with the sizing. jer has an older video style ipod and the one on the tutorial is for a smaller ipod. i sneakily called jer at work and came up with a random question to get him to measure the ipod. i then guesstimated the sizes....not a good idea. i am not so good at this......haha. i decided to put my fear aside and make it anyways and cross my fingers that it fits.
it didn't fit. yep, it sucks. but it fits our cell phone perfectly and also my ipod. his ipod fit in it, but i forgot how much thicker it is (that is what took up all the room) and the top flat doesn't come down far enough to be tucked under the band closure.
oh well, it just means i get to make another one. it was a fun quick project and now he gets two pressies instead of one. a cell phone cover and an ipod cover! what a lucky guy.