unable to compost?

i was taking mackenzie to dance class this morning when i came across a white piece of paper stuck to the telephone pole at the bus stop near my house. normally i don't read those unless it has to do with concerts, but this one caught my eye. it wasn't because of the design of the ad, but the actual idea behind it.
pedal to petal is a new business in victoria that spoke right to my lazy composter heart. if you are like me and are living in an urban type dwelling that doesn't allow for easy composting this is the answer for you.
pedal to petal is offering a new service for residents of victoria. these "bicycle loving food security activists" will pick up your waste to compost for you. yes, if you don't have the time or the space, they will come take all of your stinky kitchen scraps away!
they are reducing carbon emissions and landfill waste to help feed the soil of the city. pedal to petal also supports urban organic agriculture projects that provide fresh produce for low-income Victorians. i love their tag line:
feed the soil, feed the city

How much is it? well, it's "dirt" cheap...haha, i know, i'm cheesy. there are different rate plans available. Here are their rate fees from their blog www.pedaltopetal.blogspot.com :

Single-Unit Dwellings
$5/week up to 5 gallons
$7/week up to 10 gallons
$18/Month pre-paid up to 5 gallons
$26/Month pre-paid up to 10 gallons

Multi-Unit Dwellings (when 5 or more units participate)
$3/week up to 5 gallons
$5/week up to 10 gallons
$11/month up to 5 gallons
$18/month up to 10 gallons

Special Discounts
Refer a friend and receive one week free pick-up. No limit to number of referrals.
We are open to barter/trade. What do you have to offer?

not sure about all of you, but the barter/trade deal and the refer a friend sounds great!!! i think it's time i stop the guilt i have of not composting due to being grossed out by the idea of worms living under my sink and give these guys a call. for more information and answers on how pedal to petal works check out their blog at www.pedaltopetal.blogspot.com, call 250-383-5144 extension 1116 or email pedaltopetal@gmail.com.