camille, mackenzie and i hit up the thrift store on friday.
it's always nice to have my sister with me to help out with mackenzie while shopping. she can be a handful when confined to her stroller for too long, which i am sure is normal for most toddlers. both of us ended up with some great loot and also found that time goes by way too fast when you are in the "thriftworld".....haha.

here's some of my finds:

i fell in love with this little snack bowl which reminds me of one my nana always had with nuts in it. i love the bright green with the wood combination.

i have been on the lookout for a tray for a few weeks now and even though this wasn't what i was looking for (i wanted glass or wood) i fell for the pattern and color in this keswick one anyways. it's old and it's english so i of course love it.

i found these cute, pillar candles that look like wood at chapters for 75% off as well! what a steal and it sure paid off not buying them when i first spotted them a few months ago at full price!!!

my fave find of the day was this signed print by local artist kathryn amisson. i saw it from an aisle down and was drawn to it immediately. it reminds me of the way the coast juts out at mackenzie beach in tofino where my honey and i were married last year. i have to do some more research on this print. we opened up the back of the frame and there is an artist bio but we can't open it enough to see if it is a print or an art card. it is signed by the artist in gold pen though, which is super cool, considering i paid only $5.99 for it. we would love to find out where the location really is, but either way it's special to us.

i also scooped a cute pair of shoes, some books, and a new etch sketch style toy for mackenzie. it was fun and one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon - treasure hunting!