and the winner is....

it's that time of year.....the golden globe awards are tonight.
i think this is my fave awards show. the stars are eating and drinking as the awards go and you just know someone is gonna get sloshed and make an ass of themselves or do the mandatory political rant. oh, and of course, he could forget jack nicholson. he will be there, shades and all, laughing at everyone from his prime seat in the room. love it.
it's almost time for the red carpet as i write this and i am excited. there have been some outstanding movies this year, some of which are just being released in theatres this month. the tv shows have been great and we love ourselves a bit of a marathon day around here of one show or another.
here's some of our faves for the year.

tv shows:

my hubby and i are addicted to californication. i will openly admit i love the swearing and the complete lack of any tact in this show. it talks about and shows a side of life that nobody else has had the guts to show on television. to top it all off, it's friggin hilarious and we always end up talking about the episodes with our friends weeks after we have seen them.
same goes for entourage. who can not love entourage? i heart jeremy piven and think his comedic skills warrant the last few years worth of awards he has been winning. the character he plays fits him to a tee. it feels as if you are seeing a bit of his real personality, which may be why he does it so well. but unfortunately the same goes for californication, david duchovny plays a sex addict of sorts and now it seems he is one in real life. i think it will be a tough one for the comedy show in the male department. i would like to see neil patrick harris take home an award for his role on how i met your mother, which is another of our faves.

now for the ladies of comedy. i have just started watching the starter wife, late i know, but at least i have caught it. i almost peed myself watching this show the other night. debra messing is priceless.
now who can forget mary louise parker in weeds. this has to be one of our favorite shows in the last few years. we can't wait for the next season to start. i also give a good finger cross for christina applegate for samantha who? which has to be one of the most moved around time slotted shows ever. i can never find that friggin show and have to constantly download it to watch it, but it's worth it.
in the drama department i had to write about glen close and damages. oh my, i don't even know where to start because i loved this show so much. my folks think they can jump in and start in season 2 which just aired this last past week and it pains me to think of someone not seeing season 1, it was that good. i watched them back to back and it was the most suspenseful, dark and nail biting show i have seen. i cannot say enough of this show and i am so happy it is back on the air. if you love suspense and legal thrillers you need to watch damages.

i also need to give a nod to brothers & sisters, one of my fave shows that i am even farther behind on then the starter wife. my mom got me hooked on this one and yes, they argue alot around family dinners the show is still funny and i can't stop watching it.


the first movie i think has to win is wall-e. we have watched this movie at least 3 times in our household and i just can't seem to get enough of that cute, little hunk of junk. go wall-e, go.
i am not gonna babble about the movie category nominees that much because i feel there is no reason to explain why i like them or why they are good, i think that all that needs to be said is - go see them! slumdog millionaire and the curious case of benjamin button are my two faves for best movie.
and now i have to go and ogle the gorgeous gowns, comment on the hair (my fave part of course), pick my best and worse dressed and then settle in for a few entertaining hours of endless thank you speeches, celebrity drunkenness, jack nicholson and of course, one of the best parts - brad pitt and george clooney. now who doesn't want to see them?