tea and guitar anyone?

it's windy today again...what a surprise.
the weather here has been erratic to say the least. between snow one day, storming winds and rain the next to and then quickly to sunshine, it's been hard to plan outings with mackenzie. we never know what to expect. we headed out early and walked to mackenzie's music class this morning in a cold, windy bluster, left in rain on the bus and got off the bus to sunshine.
mackenzie and i decided to get out her new crayola tadoodle from nana and opa to play with. she loves it. the stamps from the crayola beginnings line are great and she sure has had fun with them.
i broke out the guitar. it's been a while. but it was fun and mackie sure loves playing it.
we decided to let elmo and george the elephant to have a tea party while we played guitar to some mellow kate walsh music. (the perfect windy day, stay inside and be cozy music)
jeremy and i have been cracking up lately listening to all the new words and phrases mackenzie has been saying. she is talking at a 2-3 year level and it sure is hilarious. she is repeating everything (which toddlers are known to do) and our faves that she says are: articulate and hippopotamus. she loves to watch sesame street and has now started imitating the count. she does the whole "one..aahahhaaa...two...ahhhhaaa" and so on. they sure are amazing little beings at this age. so fascinating. we sometimes find ourselves just sitting and watching her, stunned that she is ours and how very precious she is and reveling in her funny little thought processes.
so far, it's been a great day.