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link luv roundup

vanessa from v and co., one of my fave bloggers and blogs (and one of our former moms in the mommyhood), has an adorable quilt tutorial up at moda bake shop this week!

ohhhh, i want this pillow! they are from a shop called plytextiles and are made from 100% recycled sweaters that are then felted and turned into these charming treasures - how lovely! (via decor 8)

learn how to make some cute belts for the little boys (or girls) in your life with this tute from meg from "elsie marley" over on "made by rae" for celebrate the boy month.

if you've been wondering where marichelle of "heart handmade" has gone, well she's now over at the fabulously lovely "nice package", a new collaboration consisting of her and ez from "creature comforts". those two together as a team....i seriously don't know how you could go wrong :)

i am swooning over their new shop/blog/site. it's filled with pretty diy's, tutes and wonderful packaging ideas with lots of goodies for sale!!! go on over and drool with me! you can find the above pic's how to there and make some of your very own romantic matchbooks.

i'm drooling over the new "built by wendy" collection. i think i seriously want each piece! (via unruly things)

oh gosh, just look at this little guy! so cute! i just wanna kiss those cheeks! ok, ok, enough about the baby, take a look at that hat!!! sew liberated has a free tutorial up for "celebrate the boy" month so head on over and get sewing - i love this!

sew much ado has a great and quick little tute to make leg warmers to go with her skirt refashion from last week's link luv roundup. these seem to be all the rage lately, i better get cracking and make mackenzie a pair before it's summer!

this hat and scarf are made from a man's shirt - yep, can you believe it! great job! you can find the instructions to make your own over at instructables.

melissa from isly has a great little post showing how you can sport some spring time fresh pom poms in your hair! perfect for you and your little girl!

i've been on the lookout for great baby room tutorials and this one from "prudent baby" shows you how to make a custom diaper pad cover.

lil'blue boo has the sweetest lil'tute up today....oh how i want a pair of those piggies for my socks! learn how to make animal sock pompoms for your little ones tootsies!

isn't this guy cute? don't you wanna make one? if you do, head on over to chez beeper bebe for the pattern and tute. (via whip up)

1) dana from made has a tutorial up that i definitely need! i have been a bit chicken to try dying any clothes of mackenzie's but now after her reading how to, i'm sold! go check it out!
2) dwell has new bedding coming out in april - so i hear....i'm lusting after this set. ohhhhh, if only i could afford to buy this set, or at least get target to finally ship to canada so i can buy their other line there. damn you target!!
3) make a nifty wallet out of the cuff from a men's dress shirt over on replayground. (via craftzine)
4) samster's mommy has a handy how to up for turning a sweater into a tunic for your little girl.

ruffles and stuff is keeping my link luv's busy the last couple of weeks - wowsa! she definitely has no shortage of projects lately! this week she has a fantastic and super handy roundup on how to make your wee one's clothes last longer once they are stained, too small..etc.

things i'm luving this week:

- i heard and saw possibly one of the most romantic things of all time. i'm not going to even attempt to explain this...but please, just go over to "jen loves kev" (one of my fave fashion reads) and check out this will make your heart melt and maybe bring a tear to your eye. the best part is that you can join in and spread the love! (hint - it's in the video that starts off with their wedding)

- a sweet and easy pillow sham tutorial over on fussy monkey biz.

- the new sade album and lady antebellum, can't stop playing these two this week.

- issue 6 of parasol mag is out for downloading

- simply stated from real simple has a post with their top 10 design hubs for parents.

- that there is a "so you think you can decorate" starting now too! check it out!

- the new issue of modern handmade child.

- the sewing dork has a little knit pants refashion.

- great listing from mique of thirty handmade days for links for beginner sewers with how to's and projects.

- all of your super sweet votes for me in "the lovelies"! i appreciate every single one of them - you guys rock! thanks for all the super sweet words, i treasure them and it feels great to know others are enjoying what i love to do.

The Lovelies

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!

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link luv roundup

i figured a nice, bright jolt of color would help to shake up our wednesday and this pic definitely caught my eye - you all know my obsession with buttons!

1) i love the simplicity of this tutorial for a travel changing pad - so easy! this is a must make for any busy mom on the go. (via one pretty thing)
2) head on over to calico to find out how to revamp some of your headbands this season! a fun tute!
3) i thought the idea to use old valentine cards to make a sweet bunting was clever and resourceful! click here to find out how to make your own. (via whip up)

grace over on whimsy loft shows you how to make this adorable sock owl for the little ones in your life. (via whip up)

why not make a valentine's robot this holiday? sew green shows you how.

another fab tutorial in the "celebrate the boy" series this month. check out the tute for this trinket keepers tutorial (great for girls too) over on amazing mae!

0hhhh, i'm loving it! another anthrocopy from over on made by lex (previously my mama made it). i adore this top! great job alexis!

1) i can't get enough of these hooded scarfs from pretty ditty. this is my fave!
2) whip up some patchwork pillow covers with this tute from things we make.
3) the ever so talented ashley from lil blue boo shows us how to recover and revamp a nursery rocker to add some spice to your room!
4) isn't this just so lovely? i love how fresh and simple this is for valentine's day. (via craftzine)

i need to get my hands on a pair of these! love them! the etsy shop "wooly baby" makes all their wool slippers from recycled sweaters for sizes newborn to 4 years old!!!! so precious!! i want a pair for myself!

1) freshly picked has a tutorial for an easy elastic waist skirt for all us mom's and non-mom's out there!
2) here's a fun refashion from "sew much ado" for a toddler ruffle skirt.
3) ruffles and stuff shows how to make this gorgeous scrunch belt.
4) the lovely ladies over at kojo designs have a tutorial up for this cute plaid and lace schoolgirl skirt for your little one!

1) a former "moms in the mommyhood" shaelynn benner shows us how to make ruffle neck scarf!
2) there's a lovely little diy for these pretty fabric flowers over on 100 layer cake. (via creature comforts)
3) got a cardigan kicking around that needs some vamping up? check out this tute for making that cardi look like something that wasn't your grandmother's.

i wish i had enough quilting skills built up that i could tackle this blocks and stripes quilt from "film in the fridge", it's gorgeous!

alicia paulson from posie gets cozy (also the author of one of my fave sewing books) has a beautiful, pattern up for sale in her shop for this sunshine day baby afgahn - i just might have to make this, it keeps calling to me. darn you alicia!

things i'm luving this week:

- the precious birth stories and memories being shared over on design mom.

- mags from one of my fave blogs "smashed peas and carrots" shares two great tutorials for a repurposed girls shirt to toddler dress and little girls shirt sleeves to leg warmers. so adorable! these are on my "must sew" list!

- free mini kit from melissa of "isly" over on design house digital just in time for valentine's day or some free twitter page backgrounds from "ollibird".

- the new to me blog "mrs lilien styling house" - love the the little tales and characters she whips up to go with her posts each day, so fun!

- new etsy shop from the blog "whatever".

- make sure you head over to the rik rak studio to vote for the 2010 handmade olympics!!!

- the new album making me swoon from the oh, so talented corinne bailey rae.

- the creative maven has a fun little craft to make a valentine for the tea lover after your heart with a play on the word sweetie (sweetea) in the shape of a tea bag. go check it out!

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!

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link luv roundup

valentine's day is creeping up around the corner and i just adored this easy paper garland over on "how about orange".

the purl bee's always manages to find the perfect projects to get my knitting needles calling out my name. why not make yourself a pair of these cozy leg warmers for valentine's this year?

i'm in the horrible process of not having much luck of finding new bedding and was super happy to find this tute for making your own basic pillowcase over on "make it and love it".

need to whip up some skirts for the kids fast? pop over to "at second street" to get this sweet tute that she made for her girl's (all different ages).

i couldn't resist posting this headband from "katie did" from last year, it's just so simple and pretty, but then again, isn't all her stuff? swoon.....

pick up your copy of betz white's pattern over at her etsy shop to make your own cuddly, little hedgehogs.

wow! this topiary was made from a somewhat ugly $0.99 one from the goodwill. way to go abby, from "tales and trials", it looks fab!!

ok, insert my drool here. the lovely lady behind the fab blog "truly smitten" has just started her very own foodie blog entitled "tea loves honey". can i just say yummy? this is sure to be on my fave cooking reading list!

i keep staring at this pic today....

love this tute for a very stylish clutch over on "made by lex".

ohhh, the music of sophie madeleine has me wanting to learn how to play a darn ukulele! i still haven't mastered my guitar never mind a ukulele! you can find some videos and songs here.

1) i adore all the lovelies in the etsy shop "blue eyed freckle", especially this new headband, just gorgeous!!!! check out her blog as well, she has some great tutes too!
2) "a hoot and a holler" has a great refashion on turning a sweater into an adorable hat! what a great idea!
3) learn how to make this easy braided headband over on "cakies".

"analog me" has turned her old tshirt into a super stylish skirt just perfect for scooter riding if you ask me!

1) jessica from "happy together" has the sweetest pattern for making these lovely pincushions.
2) sachiko has done it again this week! i am dying to whip this up after the baby comes. you can find her fab tutorial over on "tea rose home".
3) seriously, these adorable and oh, so comfy boots used to be a pair of flats and a sweater!!!! learn how to make your own pair (i'm going to) from her how to over on craftster.

maggie over on "smashed peas and carrots" shows us how to make this fabric rose valentine's wreath just perfect for the season. i think this would be lovely anytime of year simply by changing the ribbon or flower color.

prudent baby (great site) has a diy for making a new stroller liner for your little girl's dolly stroller.

things i'm luving this week:

- the new site of humerous saying "heard on the playground" had me laughing up a storm this week!
- the oh, so dreamy home tour of emily hensen over on "design sponge".
- go check out this funny blog dedicated to the sickening facebook statuses of lovey dovey married couple, just be warned, this is a serious time waster, you may be stuck there for a while! (via a cup of jo)
- the hairdresser in me couldn't resist checking out all the creative hairstyles for our little girls over on "princess hairstyles" this week! i'm going to have to try some of these out on mackenzie.
- make sure you join in on the fun for "celebrate the boy" this month over on "made by rae" and "made". so much fun!!!

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!

yep, i'm still alive....

yep, i'm still alive and have managed to drag my head from the toilet bowl to listen/love/obsess over these new albums...................

the avett brothers
"I and Love and You"

pete yorn & scarlett johansson
"Break Up"

michael buble (and yep, he's canadian!!!)
"crazy love"

dan mangan (and yet another canadian)
"nice nice very nice"

and to read all your wonderful, encouraging and just plain lovely emails! thank you so much for all of your kind words, tips, stories and thoughts, it has truly made these last 2 horrible months that much easier to bear, and man, have they been bad. let's just say i didn't know i could vomit that much and leave it that :) i send hugs to all of you and thank you for sticking around and not unsubscribing from my little ol'blog - it would have broke my heart :(

i won't be back to posting normally just yet, but i am happy to say i made it to the 2nd trimester and the babies heart is beating away and we are good to go. thank you again for all your prayers during the rough patch. in the meantime i am going to take some time to reassess the goals of luvinthemommyhood and will be back with some changes (maybe) and some new surprises as well! so stay tuned and enjoy all the costumes, trick or treats, candy overdoses and spooky pumpkin surprises in the next week or so - i know we will be!

what's your favorite new album of the moment?

weekend wishes

{image #1, #2, #3, #4, #5}

the pics above just summed up my mood so perfectly i couldn't help posting all of them. i don't know about you guys but i'm soaking up every last bit of summer we have left.

we are heading out for.............yep, you guessed it, camping - again!!! oh my! my poor body can only take so much more tenting with a 2 year old! eek! i have been having dreams of owning my own girlified trailer to cuddle up at night in safe from the bears. i'm not sure if i've mentioned this before but i am deathly afraid of bears, so all this tent camping has been wreaking havoc on my nerves. god forbid i have to go pee in the night, it isn't pretty. i pretty much go into full panic mode and freak poor family. last time i camped i sprinted through poor innocent people's campsites and flew in our tent almost knocking it over all because i heard a man snoring and thought it was a bear. oh well, what's a girl to do? i love camping, just not the bears :)

i'm so digging the album wonder by lisa mitchell at the moment. this is a must play for road trips and will surely be blaring from my car's stereo this weekend! our fave is "clean white love", mackenzie dances up a storm to that one! can we say girl crush???

wishing you all a bear free, relaxation filled, grass laying, ocean breeze feeling kind of weekend. see you on monday!

what are your plans for the weekend? any running away from bears?

p.s. don't forget to leave your comments here for the giveaway to win a gift certificate to *shey* [b]!!!!! the giveaway ends monday.

link luv roundup

i'm starting to get the feeling that scary feeling that summer is almost over.......

i love the simpleness of this print. (via oh, hello friend)

hurry over to the etsy blog "the storque" for your free copy of the smocked sundress from one of my fave books "weekend sewing" by heather ross.

i can't wait to get my hands on something wooden to give this a shot!

refashion a dish towel into this handy kids art apron.

isn't this smocking gorgeous? so fun & retro!!!

these would be perfect for any baby shower or new mom.

i luv anything betz white does but these little felted balls just brightened up my day! so cheerful! while you're over there make sure to check out her new fabric line - i seriously drool over my entire keyboard every time i see it.

i am planning on crocheting up some of these lovelies to brighten up my place with some hawaiian color.

i really need to work on my quilting skills, one day i will, i will, i will attempt to accomplish these....emphasis on the "attempt"......a newbie sewer can dream right? get the how to for each of these blocks here, here and here.

this refashion over on "thimbly things" is to die for! seriously, i can't get over the before & after! love it!

i'm drooling (yep, i've been drooling a lot these days) over the prints in this lovely, fresh summer quilt. (via sew, mamma, sew!)

i want these pillows from sfgirlbybay's favorite things post over on decor8!

i would like to try having a go at this cute dress, what fabric would you guys make it in?

make it and love it has a super sized refashion on how to turn two shirts into an adorable leggings/skirt combo! fabulous!

yummy! peach cupcakes with brown sugar frosting! oh smitten kitchen how i adore you!

i think this belt is pretty much fabulous! get the how to here. (via one pretty thing)

things i'm luving this week:

- so friggin' excited this album is coming out!!!!!
- wonderful, wonderful, wool skirt refashion perfect for the fall over on the sewing dork.
- check out another great diy from "censational girl" on how to make your own cement candle holders!
- turn a hippie skirt into a hippie shirt over on "stop staring and start sewing".
- find a new and inexpensive way to hang painted plates by "the shabby chic cottage".
- i am definitely giving this a whirl! another great xmas gift to add to the list - gorgeous handmade embroidered sachets! find the tute here! (via craft gossip)
- make sure to pop by the new flickr group "crocheted interiors" for some fun inspiration.
- have you signed up for the newest round of "craft hope" yet? it's sock monkey making time and it's all for a good cause!
- have any of you been using the site "freecycle" yet? how do you like it? good or bad experiences?
- in the mood for some craft swaps? head over to "made by petchy" for a bag swap or to "my mamma made it" for a little giving and receiving.
- get making your own ruffly, tank top refashion with this great tute and then make this comfy skirt for your little one in 20 minutes!
- i'm entering this giveaway.

what are you drooling over this week?

link luv roundup

you all know about my obsession with buttons and i flipped out when i spotted these button sticker how to over on zakka life! i am so doing this!!! the mailman is so gonna hate me :)

rachel from "p.s. i quilt" has done the niftiest, handiest and prettiest bag dispenser tutorial over on moda bake shop. go tell her sweet things, rachel rocks and is one of my fave blogging ladies and twilight fan cohort.

ummm, mediterranean pepper salad and smitten kitchen - need i say more?

i'm in luv with this blog and with this quilt...i keep staring at it, the color palette is stunning and so inviting and refreshing - luv it!

i have such a soft spot for softies and i couldn't resist the cuteness of ric rac's pattern for jofus and lally.


i am so wishing i was lying here right now...doesn't this look so calm and relaxing and QUIET (aka no kids zone)?

i have lavender galore this year on my deck and was so happy to see calli do this great little how to on make it do - a great new site to check out! it's definitely on my radar!

things i'm luving this week:

- adorable little tutorial to learn how to make a hooded doll blanket from sparkle power.

- can't wait to get my hands on the new wilco album.

- whip up a child's travel pillow with maya made.

-bean bag toss game made from jean pockets.

- another great panty tutorial (check out our previous roundup if you're interested in making a pair)!

- the lovely mique from 30 days has a great tutorial up on making fun custom car books for the kids when travelling.

- "according to kelly" has a super fun "favorite things swap" going on this summer! this sounds great!

link luv roundup

i'm adoring this refashion over on grosgrain

i can't wait to try this project out! learn how to turn those old paint cans into a planter! what great idea! you can find the how to over on censational girl.

check out the new fabric line "au.then.tic" from sweetwater. {via craftgossip}

i am a font addict. these beauties were rounded up over at how about orange. you can find these fonts and much more over on dafont.
my birthday is coming up next month - ahhhh! it sure would make it a lot easier to bear if my hubby surprised me with one of these handy pin cushion rings from artnest.

i have a love affair with pine cones. i have them hidden in all sorts of decorative manners all throughout my home. we love them in our household, so when i saw this bird feeder tute over on make and takes i had to post it.

i've got another tutorial from amazing mae this week. she's keeping me busy with all her goodies lately. this one is for a comfy, summer linen skirt. i luv the ruffles!

brit from cucumbersome featured a lovely tute for the corsage shirt from curiousitys that was a finalist in the spring top week over on made by rae.

need to knit a cover for that plastic deck chair you have? why the heck not? this was too fun and funky not to post about. you can find the pattern here or here.

Cinder & Smoke from karmaticoma on Vimeo.

a fave song of mine caught my attention over on one of my daily reads "for me, for you". isn't it always fun when you discover a talent that you never knew someone had? love that she sings, and love that she shares her singing even more.

there has been a lot of goodness floating around the blogging world this week and i can't contain it all in this one post. if you have room for more goodies in your to make pile, check out how to turn a men's shirt into a child's smock here and how to turn that onesie into a shirt for your toddler here.

what are you loving this week?

feeling inspired by...

{image: luna dirimmel}

the beauty of pia jane bijkerk's site is enough to cause me to be inspired, never mind the sheer deliciousness of this song she posted today. be warned, you may's so haunting. check out the comments section as well for some other versions and great links. i think i am on #30 repeats of this song as i write this....i must stop...someone stop me....oh, how i wish i lived on that dreamland of a houseboat in amsterdam with pia.

{image: brew ha ha}

if you haven't seen her blog or her book "paris made by hand" go look. you won't be sorry you did. what's inspiring you today?

here's the english translation:

Ne Me Quitte Pas (=If you go away)

If you go away on this summer’s day,
Then you might as well take the sun away
All the birds that flew in the summer sky
When our love was new and our hearts were high
When the day was young and the nights were long
And the moon stood still for the night bird’s song
If you go away, if you go away, if you go away.

But if you stay, I’ll make you a day
Like no day has been, or will be again
We’ll sail on the sun, we’ll ride on the rain
And talk to the trees and worship the wind
But if you go, I’ll understand
Leave me just enough love to fill up my hand
If you go away, if you go away, if you go away.

If you go, as I know you will
You must tell the world to stop turning
Till you return again, if you ever do,
For what good is love without loving you?

{image: fulmini & saette}

Can I tell you now, as you turn to go
I’ll be dying slowly till the next hello
If you go away, if you go away, if you go away.

But if you stay, I’ll make you a night
Like no night has been, or will be again
I’ll sail on your smile, I’ll ride on your touch

I’ll talk to your eyes that I love so much
But if you go, I won’t cry
Though the good is gone from the word goodbye
If you go away, if you go away, if you go away.

If you go away, as I know you must
There is nothing left in this world to trust
Just an empty room, full of empty space
Like the empty look I see on your face
I’d have been the shadow of your shadow
If you might have kept me by your side
If you go away, if you go away, if you go away.

{image: manky maxblack}

paul filek - sessions in the mommyhood

i have been meaning to post some clips of one of my fave singers and friend paul filek's music here on the site for ages and finally got around to it. my beautiful sister camille and her funny hubby mike, are very close friends with paul and if you can believe a more romantic thing than this, paul played all their wedding music beach side on his guitar (even the part where we walked down the aisle) and at the reception overlooking the ocean...ahhhhh, the life of a musician.

in my life before i had a child, i was a die hard live music fan scouring the vancouver clubs for up and coming artists. i could think of very few things that i adored more than hearing that live acoustic set and feeling those wonderful goosebumps knowing i had found a new artist to covet. i miss that feeling more than i can say. there is something about seeing a musician play in a small and intimate setting that can never compare to a sold out auditorium - it's addicting. so to fill the void of my music hunting in person, i now hunt online - i just don't post about it very often. this is my mini-version of a paul filek session, except the venue is the mommyhood :)

paul is super talented, and a hilariously funny and witty guy with a big heart. paul is touring right now and if you see him coming to your town make sure to check out his live show, you won't regret it. head on over to for his tour listing, cd's, free songs and more.

(to you paul - i'll always be the jam to your peanut butter :P )

this is one of my favorite of pauls songs and one of mackenzie's. she loves singing along to this song. i personally adore the lyrics, so sweet.

only paul would wear two different shoes live on tv....

this song was written about our neighbourhood "oak bay" in victoria, bc and the mike and cami are my sis and brother in law. not too sure if all the lyrics apply to their history, but the song is funny.

rockin' the roxy

ray lamontagne (so good) and paul filek, what can be better than that?

who's your favorite musician at the moment?

lisa hannigan - sea sew

lisa hannigan has been popping up all over the blogoshpere with her wonderfully creative music videos filled with crafty delights. i am a long time fan of lisa hannigan and love her work with damien rice, who i also adore. you have probably seen these videos already, but just in case, i couldn't resist posting them anyways. i like to sit and watch them over a few times myself and it's nice having them in one spot to take a peek at and get inspired.

check out lisa hannigan's latest solo realease "sea sew" and let your imagination go wild.

prince 3 cd collection - lotusflower

i have something to ready....i am a prince fan. i heart prince and used to have a life size poster of him above my bed. i have never been able to see him in concert and to this day that bothers me. i am not sure what i find so attractive about a small man who wears high heels and makeup, but damn, he makes good music and he can move. i can still vividly remember the first time i watched purple rain and since then prince has played a huge role in the soundtrack of my teenage years, ok and my adult ones, so i was super excited to see he has a new collection coming out - under the name prince (not the symbol) and not just 1 cd, but 3!

rumour is that the new collection lotus flower is only being sold at target. i haven't been able to get a sneak listen to it yet, but i am crossing my fingers and my heels that it's a good one. i am alone or are any of you out there prince fans as well?

adam lambert - tracks of my tears

well, i did have a vidoe of adam lambert but it seems as if the person who posted it to youtube wasn`t supposed to...uh oh! sorry about that.

*original post*
i cannot stop listening to adam lambert sing "tracks of my tears" from last nights american idol. it's so good i had to post about it today. that note at the end get's me everytime and doesn't he look a little like kurt russell? if you don't want to keep rewatching this clip on youtube the american idol songs can be downloaded on itunes.

new metric album out soon!

we cannot wait for metric's new album - fantasies, released on april 14th. you can pre-order here and get the following:

all fantasies pre-orders from include an immediate digital download of 3 tracks, including the album version of Help I'm Alive PLUS two exclusive pre-order tracks: a cover of Pink Floyd's Nobody Home and the acoustic version of Gimme Sympathy.

i've seen metric live when they were still the opening act and have loved them ever since.

a. c. newman

we're luvin a.c. newman's (from the new pornographers) second solo album - get guilty, over in the mommyhood.

justwatchthesky for some music

this site is fun. i have a sincere adoration of lyrics and words. i won't get into a long explanation of how i get fascinated and stuck on one word or a phrase for weeks on end, but will just lead you over to justwatchthesky. simply explained - a song per post, with a lyric per post.


yes, i am writing about anne murray. i can't believe it myself, but i am. i was in the shower and this song came on the radio. the lyrics seemed so fitting for the weather and the season that i thought i would post some classic anne murray in all her glory for you to wake up to.

Beneath it's snowy mantle cold and clean,
The unborn grass lies waiting for its coat to turn to green.
The snowbird sings the song he always sings,
And speaks to me of flowers that will bloom again in spring.
When I was young my heart was young then, too.
And anything that it would tell me, that's the thing that I would do.
But now I feel such emptiness within,
For the thing that I want most in life's the thing that I can't win.

Spread your tiny wings and fly away,
And take the snow back with you where it came from on that day.
The one I love forever is untrue,
And if I could you know that I would fly away with you.

The breeze along the river seems to say,
That he'll only break my heart again should I decide to stay.
So, little snowbird, take me with you when you go,
To that land of gentle breezes where the peaceful waters flow.


neko case or sarah slean? how about both.

we have been listening to the new neko case - middle cyclone and sarah slean - the baroness with a fury this last week. the juno's are coming up at the end of the month (march 29th) and i was happy to see sarah slean nominated for best adult alternative album of the year.

our take - turn off the tv, put the wee one down for a nap, yeah, yeah - the chores can wait and put these albums on and relax. you deserve it.

diana krall - quiet nights

can't wait for this one - it's available march 31st and if you live in bc (like me) she will be playing at one of my favorite venues - the orpheum theatre, on may 13th & 14th in vancouver, bc.

ps. doesn't she looks fabulous! thank god for little black dresses.

a little ditty about art

check out this little ditty of a music video for tanya davis' song art by andrea dorfman: